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Great VPA lessons on the Swiss franc

This morning’s session with Anna and David of Quantum Trading followed both the London and European open, with the Swiss franc the currency in focus and in particular for the Swiss yen. The timeframe here was the 30 minute with the longer term bullish trend picking up momentum once more with volume driving the pair… Read more »

renko indicator NT8

A great session this morning with David and myself and we started with the EUR/AUD which has been rising strongly for the last few days, and one of the lessons from our private trading chat room where we support our forex education program members. This was an example of an annotated chart of the EUR/AUD… Read more »

Aussie dollar and gold in focus in the London session

In this morning’s session once again we focus on some of the key concepts of support and resistance using the accumulation and distribution indicator for NinjaTrader and the dynamic support and resistance indicator for MT4/5. The AUD/USD provides some good examples from the faster to the slower timeframes as the pair tests a strong level… Read more »

Support and resistance in the London forex session

Support and resistance is a key component of the volume price analysis methodology and in the London session Anna and David use various examples in various timeframes to explain the underlying concepts, and supported with the Quantum Trading tools and indicators for MT4, MT5 and NinjaTrader. In this session Anna and David look at several… Read more »

Aussie and euro feature in the London forex session

In this morning’s forex session we saw a nice move in the Aussie Dollar with some classic volume price analysis lessons when combined with the Quantum Trading indicators. The euro also produced a nice move lower with the renko charts on MT5 leading the way. The renko charts on MT5 are unique as they allow… Read more »

US dollar index on MT5 ahead of FOMC

US dollar index MT5

Just a quick update on the dollar index levels on the 8 hour chart for the MT5 USDX indicator. The dollar index is currently trying to break through the S4 I mentioned yesterday at 93.97 having failed to make any progress beyond 94.20. In other words index is trading in less than a 30 pip… Read more »

Risk off sentiment in the London forex session

Recording of this morning’s London forex session with the Aussie yen in focus in risk off start to the trading day. It was a risk off start to the trading day with the Japanese yen being bought universally across the market, and with the focus on the Aussie yen in particular. The Quantum currency array… Read more »

Volatility across all the markets on the MT5 platform

Once again we are on the MT5 platform and here we can trade all the markets very easily, including commodities, indices and stocks. So a great platform and one for which all the Quantum Trading indicators are now available. In this video we focus on the volatility indicator which is triggered in real time and… Read more »

How the MT5 currency matrix reveals market sentiment

currency matrix MT5

In this video which comes towards the end of the London session and the start of the US session, we highlight how the currency matrix helps to identify the universal sentiment to the Canadian dollar. In this example the USD dollar has been strongly bullish before reversing to bearish and coupled with very strong buying… Read more »