TradingView offers a powerful alternative to the more conventional desktop based charting platforms and in every sense of the word, is operating system independent. TradingView runs on a Mac, Windows PC, tablets and smartphones and being browser based requires no installation. And for traders on the move , the iOS app from the Apple store is the perfect solution, delivering the TradingView charts on a variety of devices including
Tablets and smartphones.

Being browser based there is no software to install with all the processing and data storage managed on remote servers, with the Quantum Trading tools and indicators then available on a range of devices from the Pc and Mac, to the tablet and smartphone.

In terms of markets offered, this is truly a multi asset application and more importantly covering global markets, from stocks to bonds, futures, ETF’s and foreign exchange, and finally cryptocurrencies. Here you will find virtually all the major stock market exchanges available with their associated stocks, futures charts for all the mainstream commodities and indices, all the leading ETF’s, and charts for the latest cryptocurrencies.