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One of the hardest things to do in trading, is to stay in, and take the maximum profit from any position. You know how it goes. You get in and all is going well. Then the market reverses. You get frightened, and close out. What happens next?

Yes, you guessed it – the market reverses again and starts to move fast. Now it's too late. You have missed out on some great profits, and are left wishing you had stayed in.

That's why we developed the Quantum Trend Monitor. It does just that. It monitors the strength of the trend. It will help you stay in, when your emotion is telling you to get out. The trend monitor will give you the confidence, not just to stay in, but to take the maximum profit  from each and every trade. Get it now – and banish trader regret forever with the Quantum Trend Monitor.

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MetaTrader 4

Learn how to stay in the trend using the Quantum trend monitor indicator

click-here-to-watch-videoThe Quantum Trading trend monitor is a complimentary indicator to the Quantum trends indicator. The trend monitor does exactly what it says on the tin! It monitors the trend for you and removes all the minor pullbacks and reversals, helping you manage your emotions and to stay in the trend to maximise profits. The trend monitor takes a more considered view of the price action, and is the perfect complimentary indicator to the trends indicator.

NinjaTrader 7

An introduction to the trend monitor indicator for Ninjatrader

click-here-to-watch-videoMarkets never go up or down in a straight line. They rise and fall constantly, creating pullbacks and reversals. This is when the market will try to shake you out of a strong position. It’s when you are most vulnerable. But not if you have the Quantum trend monitor indicator for Ninjatrader. And here, you get two indicators for the price of one!

The trend monitor indicator has been designed to absorb these temporary pauses and pullbacks. It analyses the price action, and only changes to a transitional color of dark red or dark blue, if the trend is showing a temporary sign of weakness. If it is a true change in trend direction, the indicator will change to a bright color, as the new trend develops. In other words, the trend monitor, does just that. It monitors the strength of the trend.

This is displayed as a solid horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. The trend monitor works in conjunction with the Quantum trends indicator, helping to keep you in the trend!! One of the hardest things to do in trading.

The trend monitor indicator displays four colours at the bottom of the screen as a solid bar:

Bright blue – strongly bullish trend
Bright red – strongly bearish trend
Dark blue – weakness in trend
Dark red – weakness in trend

First, the Quantum Trends indicator alerts you to a possible new trend. If the trend is strong, then the trend monitor indicator will change to either bright blue or bright red, supporting the trends indicator as the trend develops.

Trend monitor indicator for Ninjatrader in action

click-here-to-watch-videoIn this short video we take a closer look at the Quantum trend monitor indicator for Ninjatrader in action on a two minute chart. The trend monitor has been developed to help you to hold a position in the trend once it begins. Strong trends are identified with either bright red or bright blue whilst transitional phases are described with darker shades, and describing graphically whether a trend is in pause, congestion or reversing to start a new trend.

In addition the trend monitor is complimented with the yellow trend line which describes the extent of the trend and associated momentum as it moves above and below the fulcrum of zero on the trend monitor itself.

Trends and trend monitor indicators in action

click-here-to-watch-videoIn this video we look at the trends indicator and the trend monitor indicator working in tandem together on a live Ninjatrader chart. The trends indicator provides a close perspective on the price action, while the trend monitor takes a longer term view, the micro and macro views on the trend as it develops in real time. Together they provide the perfect combination of indicators, with the trends indicator offering a close up view of the price action, with the trend monitor then working to help you stay in the trend through the minor pullbacks and reversals which occur in all timeframes.

Staying in a trend is one of the hardest things to do in trading, but with the trends indicator and the trend monitor indicator working in tandem, they provide the perfect three dimensional view of every trend.