Quantum DXY Indicator

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In the world of forex, there are two currencies which drive the markets more than any other. One is the US dollar, the other is the Japanese yen. See where these two currencies are going, and everything else then falls into place. The indices for these currencies are available, but quite a lot of times not on your platform. It’s fine if you have a futures account, or don’t mind switching back and forth between screens.

At Quantum Trading – we understand the problem, and have developed specific currency indicators based on leading indices. The first of these is the Quantum DXY indicator, based on the futures symbol. This displays the US dollar against a basket of other six other major currencies which are then weighted. If the US dollar is rising then you can be sure, the major currency pair you are trading will be moving in step, giving you the confidence to take the trade.

And even better – it can all be on the one chart – so no more switching back and forth. Just set up your workspace, add your Quantum DXY indicator, and away you go. Dollar strength and weakness, simply displayed, all in one place. And we’ve even added two moving averages to help you.

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Quantum DXY for MetaTrader 4

Add the US dollar index to your MT4 platform with the DXY index

The DXY index from Quantum trading puts the US dollar index directly on your MT4 platform. The DXY is based on the original US dollar index with the euro weighting at 57.6% in the underlying basket of currencies.

Quantum DXY for MetaTrader 5

MT5 indicator – DXY dollar Index indicator for MT5

The Quantum Trading DXY dollar index indicator is now available for the MT5 platform.

The DXY index indicator is a realtime chart of US dollar strength and weakness, and to help with analysis standard moving averages can be applied from the Navigator.

The DXY index indicator works for all the timeframes of both standard and custom on the MT5 platform.