Quantum Cryptocurrency Strength Indicator (CCSI)

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The Cryptocurrency Strength Indicator (CCSI) has been developed with one objective in mind. To give you a clear and unequivocal view of where each cryptocurrency on the TradingView platform is heading in all time-frames, quickly and easily. Each cryptocurrency is described in a graphical way with a solid coloured line which reveals instantly whether that particular cryptocurrency is overbought or oversold, and the strength of any trend. All are based against USDT which is the counter cryptocurrency and shown separately, and which is invaluable in any analysis as this provides the opposing force to drive the cryptocurrency higher or lower with momentum. If the cryptocurrency is rising strongly and the USDT is falling with similar strength, then a strong trend higher will be in progress. Equally if the cryptocurrency is falling strongly and the USDT rising, a strong trend lower will be in progress.

The Cryptocurrency Strength Indicator works in all time-frames available on the TradingView platform, but as with all our indicators we strongly recommend using them across multiple time-frames for trading.

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