Quantum Tick Volumes Indicator


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Volume is another powerful leading indicator provided by your MT4 broker. Yet few forex traders ever take advantage of its awesome power. Why? Because identifying volume trends using the standard indicator can be confusing, and judging volume height even more so!

The Quantum Tick Volumes indicator takes a simple tool and makes it come to life! First, it paints the volume bar to match the candle. This makes it quick and easy to identify buying and selling volume with the associated price action.

Second, the Quantum Tick Volume indicator displays a dynamic mid point, instantly telling you whether volumes are high, average or low in the session. No more guesswork! Volume analysis made simple – making it easy to spot profitable trading opportunities – fast!

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MetaTrader 4

Quantum Trading – Tick volumes indicator for MT4

click-here-to-watch-videoDiscover how to use the Quantum Trading tick volumes indicator for MT4.