Quantum Dynamic Accumulation and Distribution Indicator

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Another dynamic indicator that works in real time. Are you getting the picture? Trading success is all about taking and making decisions at the live edge of the market – that’s why we call them dynamic. If you are one of those traders, endlessly drawing lines on your charts, and confusing yourself. Stop right now.

Support and resistance is one of the most powerful concepts for the technical trader. These price regions are where the institutions buy and sell, creating these natural levels. It is here, that prices pause, and often reverse, giving two benefits in one. First, a great place to get in, and secondly even more importantly, a place to close out, and take profits off the table!

Now at last, you have a tool to do all the hard work for you – dynamically. Just apply the indicator, and sit back. Put away your drawing tools forever, and let the Quantum Dynamic Accumulation and Distribution indicator do all the hard work for you! Not only does it work dynamically in real time, it also displays the depth of these regions, the number of times they have been hit, and from which direction, giving you something unique – the complete picture of sentiment and depth at each and every level. So what are you waiting for?

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Quantum Dynamic Accumulation and Distribution for NinjaTrader (7/8)

An introduction to the accumulation and distribution indicator for NinjaTrader

In this video we explain some of the concepts which underpin the Quantum accumulation and distribution indicator for NinjaTrader. The indicator is based on the principles of accumulation and distribution which reveal those areas on the chart which have seen buying and selling in the past. These then translate into zones of resistance and support which is one of the cornerstones of technical analysis. The indicator paints each zone either red or blue depending on whether this is accumulation or distribution. In addition, the strength of each zone is displayed graphically as well as with the number of times each zones has been tested, providing a clear and detailed picture of the buying and selling which accompanies each level. The indicator is dynamic and paints these regions in the live price action.

The Accumulation & Distribution indicator for NinjaTrader in action

In this video we take a closer look at the Accumulation and Distribution indicator for NinjaTrader in action. First we take a look at some fast timeframe charts for the ES mini, the YM and the NQ emini contracts and explain how to change the number of regions on the chart using the cluster factor option. Then we move to the oil and spot forex, before rounding off by looking at the indicator on the daily timeframes.

The indicator works in all timeframes and all markets, and can be adjusted according to your trading style, whether as an intraday scalping trader, a swing trader or a longer term trend trader. It is the perfect compliment to every approach providing a clear and precise view of all the accumulation and distribution levels of any chart. This then helps to define regions where the price action may struggle, or pick up momentum and ultimately helping to stay in the market as the price action unfolds.