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The Quantum currency matrix is a powerful solution to a complex problem. First, it shows you instantly and clearly the strength of the buying or selling in the 28 currency pairs – in real time. Second, with a single click whether this is reflected across the related pairs. Third, whether this applies to both the base and counter currency of the currency pair you are considering. If it is, then the risk on the trade is low, and away you go. Reading the matrix is child’s play. Buying the Quantum currency matrix is even easier – just click the button below, and start trading low risk probabilities, based on a complete view of every currency pair.

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Quantum Currency Matrix for MetaTrader 4

Introduction to the Quantum currency matrix indicator

The Quantum Trading currency matrix indicator has been developed as a complementary indicator to the currency strength indicator. The currency strength indicator reveals individual currency strength or weakness, whilst the currency matrix then helps to identify this strength and weakness in the currency flows across the related currency pairs. This video introduces some of the basic concepts and ideas behind the currency matrix indicator for MT4.

Learn how to use the currency matrix to identify flows of universal strength

The Quantum currency matrix has many different applications for forex traders, but one of the most basic is to help identify whether the flows for a particular currency are universal across he market. If they are unanimous then the risk on any position is lower since we are then trading with the flow and not against it. The currency matrix reveals this in the currency leader board in all timeframes.

Quantum Currency Matrix – using multiple timeframes

In this video we explain how to use the Quantum currency matrix in multiple timeframes. Using the currency matrix in this way gives traders an inside view on the sentiment and currency flows as this shifts across the timeframes and reflected on the currency matrix ladder.

Quantum currency matrix – understanding the importance of the extremes

In this short video we explain the importance of extremes on the currency matrix. These are the points at which currency pairs are preparing for possible reverses, and much like the currency strength indicator, are regions where sentiment is starting to change. These regions also signal possible changes in momentum, as well as defining the boundaries for any those currencies moving from one extreme to the other as they move from strong to weak and back again.

Quantum Currency Matrix for MetaTrader 5

MT5 indicator – Currency matrix indicator for MT5

The Quantum Trading currency matrix indicator is now available for the MT5 platform, and building on the hugely successful MT4 version.
The currency matrix indicator for MT5 ranks all twenty eight pairs from bullish to bearish and in all timeframes, both standard and custom so the pair you are trading can be followed in every timeframe from the fastest to the slowest and everything in between.

The MT5 version also includes an exciting bookmark feature which gives you the option to see instantly the currency pair you are trading.

Quantum Currency Matrix for NinjaTrader (7/8)

An introduction to the currency matrix for Ninjatrader

The Quantum currency matrix has been developed to reveal the complete picture across the market in a simple matrix, which works in all timeframes from seconds, to minutes to months. From the eight major currencies come the 28 currency pairs which are then displayed in a table, with their relative strength scores, updated second by second and minute by minute. A score above 0.00 indicates bullish momentum and is displayed in blue, whilst a score below 0.00 indicates bearish momentum and is displayed in red.

Each currency can then be isolated to show the 7 associated pairs and their relative scores using the toggle feature on the currency icon alongside. If all the associated pairs are showing similar strength (either bullish or bearish) then this is either a good time to join the move, or alternatively it may be an opportunity to wait for a reversal in trend as the pair becomes overbought or oversold.
The Quantum currency matrix gives you the tool to see the complexities of the forex market in real time across all the related pairs, along with the strength of the buying and selling. Whilst it is possible to do this manually using multiple charts, what a manual matrix will not provide is any measure of the relative strength. The indicator does this for you automatically by considering the price action across all the related currency pairs and then deriving the relative strength scores accordingly.

The Quantum currency strength indicator and the Quantum currency matrix are the perfect combination. The first gives you the ‘heads up’ on the individual currencies. The second then completes the picture, giving you a three dimensional view across the 28 currency pairs. Together they allow you to assess the probable risk on each and every trade – instantly – giving you the tools to trade every pair with complete confidence.