Quantum Currency Heatmap Indicator

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The Quantum Currency Heatmap delivers the complex information you need as a forex trader – FAST. In fact so fast it displays a total of 252 chart snapshots, on one screen. That's twenty eight currency pairs in nine timeframes – almost impossible to imagine if displayed in a conventional way. Now, thanks to the Quantum Currency Heatmap, seeing and interpreting this much trading data has never been so easy! No need for multiple monitors, multiple PC's, crowded screens, or chasing price movement from one timeframe to another and back again.

The Quantum Currency Heatmap does this by systematically displaying the “hottest” and “coldest” areas of the forex landscape using an intutive color coding scheme. It's like a thermal imagery scanner, but for forex! Much like its sister indicator, the Quantum Currency Matrix, it assigns a rank to each of the 28 currency pairs, but from data crunched across the time horizon. Currency pairs are then ranked vertically and horizontally to describe strength and weakness in two dimensions. The ultimate heatmap of bullish and bearish sentiment in all timeframes, and at the click of a button.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Quantum Currency Heatmap and jump into the hottest trading opportunities, as they develop in real time.

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