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The trio of currency indices is completed with the Japanese yen. Another risk currency, and one which few forex traders truly understand. Many traders simply ignore the Yen cross pairs, as too difficult and volatile to trade. Yet these pairs offer some of the best trading opportunities in the forex market. Get it right, and you will make money fast. Wouldn’t it be great if you could trade these pairs with confidence?

Well now you can, with the Quantum JPYX indicator. A simple indicator which solves a difficult problem. Just like the QuantumUSDX indicator, the Quantum JPYX indicator uses a basket of simple currencies to give you a visual picture of where the Yen is heading next.

Choose your Yen currency pair, add the indicator, and away you go. Now you can trade the Yen cross currency pairs with confidence. What are you waiting for?

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Quantum JPYX for MetaTrader 4

The Quantum JPYX index puts the Japanese yen index directly on your MT4 platform

The JPYX index from Quantum trading has been developed in order to display risk sentiment for the Japanese yen on your MT4 platform. The index works in all timeframes and is available as a candle chart version or as a line chart.

Quantum JPYX for MetaTrader 5

MT5 indicator – JPYX yen Index indicator for MT5

The Quantum Trading JPYX yen index indicator is now available for the MT5 platform.

The JPYX index indicator is a realtime chart of Japanese yen strength and weakness, and to help with analysis standard moving averages can be applied from the Navigator. The index reflects broad market sentiment for all markets through the prism of the safe haven currency of the yen. Yen flows reflects risk on and risk off sentiment and in particular for stock markets.

The JPYX index indicator works for all the timeframes of both standard and custom on the MT5 platform.

Quantum JPYX for NinjaTrader (7/8)

An introduction to the JPYX indicator for NinjaTrader

The JPYX indicator for NinjaTrader has been developed to help provide a view of the Japanese yen on an index, in much the same way as the US dollar and its equivalent index which is now a key part of the traders tools.

The JPYX provides a view of the Japanene yen against a basket of four currencies which are all equally weighted and include the EUR, the USD, the AUD and the NZD. Each has a weighting of 25% and the JPYX indicator then creates an index which can be applied to any chart in any timeframe.

The JPYX indicator for Ninjatrader in action

In this short video we explain how to apply the JPYX indicator to the NinjaTrader chart, as we take a close look at the indicator in action. Here we are using a 15 minute chart for the GBP/JPY, which is one of the trickiest currency pairs to trade, whether in the post market or the future market. However, with the JPYX indicator below, this then provides a clear view of where the Japanese yen is heading against a basket of four major currencies.