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Cycles explained with the currency strength indicator and volume price analysis

In this morning’s forex trading session, David and I explained the price cycle for forex markets, and through the prism of the Quantum Trading currency strength indicator. This indicator for MT4, MT5, and NinjaTrader describes the journey every currency makes from overbought to oversold and back again and reflecting the Wyckoffian principles of primary and… Read more »

A great forex session for the euro, Aussie and the pound!

An excellent forex trading session with Anna and David of Quantum Trading, as Europe opens and followed by London. The focus this week was on the euro and the pound, with Anna tracking the GBP/USD as strong pound buying is counterbalanced by US dollar selling, but as always with an eye on the London open… Read more »

Spoilt for choice in the fx session – which pair to choose!!

A great forex session and one where we were truly spoiled for choice, with the US dollar leading the way as safe haven flows saw the currency of first reserve rise strongly as European markets opened. This was countered with equally strong selling in several different currencies including the Australian dollar, the euro and the… Read more »

Euro, yen and pound in focus as London FX opens

In this morning’s forex session David and I started with a look at the EUR/CAD, a pair I highlighted a few days ago on my site, and one which was an interesting confluence of the fundamental, the technical and the relational and something we cover in great detail in the Quantum Trading forex education program…. Read more »

Nice move in the euro along with the pound in the London session

Another great session this morning with David and myself as we showcase the Quantum Trading tools and indicators through the European open and into the London session, and the two currencies we focused on here were the British pound and the euro. As you would expect these are the currencies that take centre stage as… Read more »

MT5 currency matrix delivers a great eur/jpy trade!

In this video we focus on the currency matrix and how to use it in combination with the currency strength indicator. In this example from early in the London session bullish sentiment for the euro drives several pairs but the euro yen really does deliver, and we return to follow the price action later in… Read more »