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GBP in focus ahead of Autumn budget

This morning’s highlight comes from Chancellor George Osborne here in the UK with his Autumn Forecast Statement, so expect lots of smoke & mirrors, volatility and opportunity to shake traders out of the market.For the British pound complex on the faster time frames, it’s been a case of some good moves lower against USD, JPY… Read more »

Bearish sentiment continues for euro

Despite finding support at 1.0996 following last week’s mauling eurodollar is struggling to hold onto the weak overnight gains. 15 min chart for the pair is particuarly revealing with a series of volatility candles triggered as the combination of the resistance at 1.1056 and the 100ma have been taken by traders as an excuse to… Read more »

Aussie dollar continues lower

As spot forex traders we sometimes forget the futures market can often help with market sentiment towards a currency and the daily chart for 6A, which is the contract for the Aussie dollar is particularly revealing. For the 6A,  it has been a return to business as usual over the last couple of weeks, since… Read more »

The VPOC indicator for NinjaTrader in action!

In this video we take a closer look at the VPOC indicator for Ninjatrader, and see it in action across a variety of markets and timeframes. We start by looking at the ES mini on some fast timeframe charts of 3 minutes and upwards as the physical market opens to join Globex. Next we look… Read more »

Forget the euro, look at the British pound!

In all the brouhaha about Greece and the euro it’s easy to forget what else is going on in the forex market. Sometimes I feel Greece is taking up too much space in traders’ heads at the expense of other markets and currencies. And for a perfect example of what I mean look no further… Read more »

Aussie dollar now in sharp focus ahead of Trade Balance

If you come along to our forex webinars you will always hear David & I explain the importance of the fundamental news & how easy it is to be ambushed by ‘events’. But I must admit so far it’s been absolutely relentless & it’s only Wednesday! Coming up we have Aussie retail sales & Trade… Read more »

EUR/USD turns bearish moving through the VPOC

The EUR/USD continues to look bearish as it sits on support between 1.0885 & 1.0890 & just below the VPOC the yellow line on the volume point of control indicator. This level has now been breached on good volume and should take the pair to 1.0863. In addition the trend monitor has also transitioned from blue… Read more »

USD now moving into overbought on the 4 hour chart

Without wishing to downgrade this evening’s FOMC minutes, which will no doubt result in the usual volatile market moves, stop hunting & general shenanigans, the main FED event takes places on Friday at 6.00 pm London time. This is when Janet Yellen is due to give an important speech about the US economic outlook, and… Read more »

AUD/NZD now in focus

USD buying has continued into US session, and despite it being a holiday in Canada the USD/CAD has done really well. Question now is how far is USD likely to move higher. The key level is 11,750 on the USDX index which is the support platform which was breached last week & of which we… Read more »