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Spoilt for choice in the fx session – which pair to choose!!

A great forex session and one where we were truly spoiled for choice, with the US dollar leading the way as safe haven flows saw the currency of first reserve rise strongly as European markets opened. This was countered with equally strong selling in several different currencies including the Australian dollar, the euro and the… Read more »

renko indicator NT8

A great session this morning with David and myself and we started with the EUR/AUD which has been rising strongly for the last few days, and one of the lessons from our private trading chat room where we support our forex education program members. This was an example of an annotated chart of the EUR/AUD… Read more »

Volume point of control (VPOC) holds key for gold

All traders understand the significance of price levels, and use any number of methods of trying to establish which are important and which to target not only as potential price objectives, but also try to try and establish where price is likely to stall. And what makes a price level significant is whether it is… Read more »

Bookmark feature on MT5 heatmap

We have added some real cool features to our Quantum heatmap. First you can now resize the indicator to fit your workspace, and second you can also now bookmark your favourite currency pairs making it easier to track these.    

Currency Strength Indicator for MT5

David and I working on completing our Quantum indicators for MT5, and delighted with how effective they are on this platform, in particular the use of MT5’s custom time frames, which makes multi time frame analysis so much easier. And MT5 has also allowed us to add push notifications to the currency strength indicator. Now… Read more »

Classic VPA on GBP/JPY

A classic VPA on 5 min chart of GBP/JPY on the release of NFP today. Huge down candle on light volume, before we saw a switch back higher as market absorbed poor numbers, and likelihood of a September FED hike in interest rates disappear faster than snow in July. The trigger of the volatility indicator… Read more »

Divergence in euro complex

From a technical perspective last week was not an easy one for the euro with a divergence of sentiment across the complex. Against the USD it found some much needed support at the 1.0825 support level, which provided the springboard for a move up and through the VPOC on the daily chart at the key… Read more »

Watching the euro

Following last week’s turbulent price action, no surprise that today the markets have been a litte muted with the added bonus the Shanghai Composite only fell 5% in overnight trading. And with Japan closed for it’s annual Coming of Age Holiday even the Nikkei could take a day off! Meantime last Friday the euro was… Read more »

Is Swiss Franc ready to turn higher?

With year end on the horizon, now perhaps is a good time to see what the Swiss franc has been up in an effort to determine what the currency is likely to be doing in the run up to the 15th January 2015 anniversary when the SNB (Swiss National Bank) removed the floor of support… Read more »

Majors wait for the FED

Ahead of today’s release of the FOMC minutes it has been the commodity dollars that have reacted most strongly to a stronger USD, whilst eurodollar and cable have been contained to a very narrow trading range. It will be interesting to see whether these two laggards will play catch up once the minutes hit the… Read more »