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Watching the euro

Following last week’s turbulent price action, no surprise that today the markets have been a litte muted with the added bonus the Shanghai Composite only fell 5% in overnight trading. And with Japan closed for it’s annual Coming of Age Holiday even the Nikkei could take a day off! Meantime last Friday the euro was… Read more »

NZD and USD in focus on the currency strength indicator

Thanks to everyone for coming along to our forex webinar for the London session earlier, where our focus was the euro & eurodollar, particularly with some pretty heavy option expiry strike prices due up later today. Also in view was the kiwi which was in a similar state to the British pound ahead of Chancellor Osborne’s autumn… Read more »

GBP in focus ahead of Autumn budget

This morning’s highlight comes from Chancellor George Osborne here in the UK with his Autumn Forecast Statement, so expect lots of smoke & mirrors, volatility and opportunity to shake traders out of the market.For the British pound complex on the faster time frames, it’s been a case of some good moves lower against USD, JPY… Read more »

Cable waits on PMI

New trading month sees the usual crop of PMI releases. China has already reported today we have the numbers from Italy, Spain and France as well as the UK. Although UK economy is predominantly services based, the manufacturing number has been managing to hold above the key 50 level. From a technical perspective so far… Read more »

Aussie finding some bullish momentum

Of the three commodity dollars, namely the Aussie, Kiwi and Loonie it is perhaps the Aussie which finally appears to be showing signs of a potential reversal from its oversold state on the slower time frames of our currency strength indicatort (the blue line). And of the Aussie pairs it is perhaps the AUD/USD and… Read more »

Eurodollar regains its bullish mojo

At last Thursday’s ECB press conference it was enough for Mario Draghi to hint at further QE for the eurodollar to sell off sharply, taking the pair from a high of 1.1243 before coming to rest at the support platform at in the 1.1087/96 region. This support platform was tested again on Friday as a… Read more »

Pause in cable’s sharp move lower

Last Tuesday’s failure by cable to take out the 1.5818 resistance resulted in a down candle on high volume, which when it was combined with the previous day’s bullish candle on very high volume gave us a two bar reversal (aka a shooting star), and the first signal that cable’s preceding move away from the… Read more »

Eurodollar bears take control

Although the market is focused on tomorrow’s release of the FOMC minutes, an event guaranteed to cause a degree of market volatility, it is the release of the CPI and Core CPI numbers earlier in the session which are probably even more important. Of the two releases it is the Core CPI the FED pays… Read more »

CSI highlights GBP sell off

Ahead of the release of the Monetary Policy Minutes from the RBA, and tomorrow’s CPI number for the UK, it’s been interesting to see how the Aussie and British pound have been behaving in today’s trading session. And of the two currencies it has been the British pound which has seen some heavy selling against… Read more »

USD looks set to move higher

In the current media speculation surrounding the impact of the PBOC decision to revalue/devalue the yuan, particularly on how this may (or may not) affect the FED’s decision about raising interest rates, it is easy to forget two things. First, the fundamental news releases which too will add their own layer of volatility, and second… Read more »