CSI_multiple_timeframesAhead of the German ZEW data this morning, markets are positioning for a move in the euro dollar, with the euro now heavily oversold and the US dollar equally over bought in the faster timeframes. Using the currency strength indicator in multiple timeframes provides a fast and visual picture of currency strength and weakness, with the euro (the gold line) now deeply oversold from the the 5 minute to the 30 minute timeframe, and preparing to reverse the longer term bearish sentiment ahead of the news. Apart from the ZEW, the only other ongoing euro news is of course Greece which continues to weigh on the single currency.

Finally remember that any market or currency can remain over extended for some time, and as always patience is the key coupled with the price action on the charts. The currency strength indicator is always the starting point to identify potential strength and weakness in an individual currency. Then it’s time to consider the currency matrix to confirm this globally, before finally analysing the charts in multiple timeframes to confirm.Trading with global strength or weakness backed by a view in multiple timeframes reduces the risk on each trade dramatically, since we are then trading with the universal flow of sentiment and risk, and not swimming against the tide.