EUR/AUD - 5 minute chart - NinjaTrader indicators
EUR/AUD – 5 minute chart – NinjaTrader indicators

In this morning’s forex trading session with Anna and David, one of the currency pairs they focused on was the EUR/AUD, which was the strongest performing currency pair in the currency matrix. The 60 minute currency strength indicator confirmed the longer term position, with the euro (the orange line) climbing strongly towards the overbought region on the indicator, with the Aussie dollar ( the blue line) moving firmly towards the oversold region in this timeframe. The 5 minute chart alongside reflects the trend, with the trend monitor maintaining the bullish picture, and only moving into a transitional color during the minor congestion periods. The trend monitor sister indicator,  the trend dots completes the picture and highlighting these congestion phases in advance.

Volumes throughout the move were in agreement and confirming the bullish sentiment for the pair with the accumulation and distribution indicator on NinjaTrader, highlighting the keys areas of support and resistance. The support platform at 1.4252 held firm during the minor reversal lower, with resistance at 1.4312 then breached, and providing a solid platform to a further move higher.