GBP gets a boost from retail sales

Daily VPOC chart

Daily VPOC chart

UK retail sales have given GBP a real boost higher & it’s occupying six top spots on the currency matrix. Number was a great improvement & market has temporarily forgotten the negative CPI number.

What’s interesting is at 8.00 am at the London open, there was a huge buy of cable off an important order board level at 1.5520 with retail sales then just adding the momentum.
Cable is also benefiting from USD pull back from its recent bullish move higher. The 4hr currency strength indicator is particularly revealing as the USD has been overbought for some time, but is now moving lower. The move higher in the London session has now moved to test the VPOC level in the daily chart, and we are now waiting to see if this afternoon’s US data can help to push the GBP/USD through this key level. This is denoted on the chart with the yellow line.


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