EUR/USD – 30 minute chart

The EUR/USD continues to look bearish as it sits on support between 1.0885 & 1.0890 & just below the VPOC the yellow line on the volume point of control indicator. This level has now been breached on good volume and should take the pair to 1.0863. In addition the trend monitor has also transitioned from blue to red and with the US unemployment data coming up shortly, this could provide further downwards momentum if the numbers are on target or better than expected. The forecast this time around is 271k against a previous of 274k and whilst this is an important number it is the backwash from Janet Yellen’s US dollar positive comments which continue to drive the US dollar higher, coupled as always with ongoing concerns over the Greek debt issues, which have yet to be resolved – if ever!

Currency strength indicator - hour chart
Currency strength indicator – hour chart

The currency strength indicator is confirming the negative sentiment for the single currency with the orange line, the euro, reaching an overbought region and now starting to reverse off this region in the one hour timeframe.