NZD/USD - monthly chart
NZD/USD – monthly chart

The RBNZ certainly livened things up overnight – I don’t remember seeing quite so many gaps or such strong moves delivered by one currency! NZD is pretty illiquid at the best of times, so any volatility will magnify any moves.

With the NZD it’s a case of the central bank making it very clear further rate cuts are on their way & with the US finding some bullish sentiment this morning – NZD/USD looks set for a further fall. So far this morning the pair has managed to find some support at the 0.70 region, but a quick look at the weekly and monthly chart reveals the extent of this bearish sentiment. with the month chart in particular, where the price is now at the 200 ma.

The VPOC ( volume point of control) is now well above the current price action and adding further weight to the bearish sentiment. In addition, with several LVN (low volume nodes) we are likely to see some fast price action through these regions in due course.