In this short video we explain the power of using the Quantum Trading currency strength indicator in multiple timeframes on the MT5 platform. And in this example we are using the MT5 platform once again which provides a much wider choice of timeframes using both the standard and custom options. Here we have the currency strength indicator applied to the 5 minute the 10 minute and the 15 minute timeframes, and focused on the EUR/CAD currency pair.

Here we can see the trend is already underway and confirmed by the currency strength indicator with the euro currency falling strongly and the Canadian dollar rising just as strongly. This is where we see the strongest trends develop and the steepness of the line for each currency gives us clear and strong signals of the strength of the momentum for this pair,  with strength in one and weakness in the other, providing the prefect combination for a strong trend in the pair.

The trend here begins in the fastest timeframe and then develops across into the slower timeframes, and so helps to keep us in the trend to maximise any profit potential. When the currencies cross, then a strong trend is underway, signaling momentum and further development of the trend.