Another great session this morning with David and myself as we showcase the Quantum Trading tools and indicators through the European open and into the London session, and the two currencies we focused on here were the British pound and the euro. As you would expect these are the currencies that take centre stage as European markets open, and we were not disappointed with the euro finding some positive sentiment and sending it firmly higher against the US dollar which was equally bearish on the faster timeframes, and so developing a nice trend. And of course this was clearly in evidence on the currency strength indicator on both the MT5 platform and the NinjaTrader platform.

One of the key issues when trading any pair is to understand whether the sentiment for the currency is universal across the currency complex, and here the currency matrix and the currency array step in to help and display this instantly and in all timeframes. This was also clearly revealed as we moved to the pound with the strong selling on the currency strength indicator, then revealed as broad market sentiment when we move to look at the associated pairs on the matrix and the array. And of course, one of the things we always look out for at the session crossover is a strong reversal, which duly arrived as we suggested it would!