Japanese yen overstretched on currency strength indicator

EUR/JPY chart with currency strength indicator

EUR/JPY chart with currency strength indicator

In the run up to any UK news the British pound is often one of the best currencies to consider early in the London trading session, either to position ahead of the news, or to wait until the data has been released. However, this morning the most compelling currency has been the Japanese Yen which is very over stretched across a number of time frames on our currency strength indicator. The result has been a number of potential trades to sell the YEN.

This is the principle way we approach the forex market – focus on a single currency & consider its price behaviour against its counter parties to see which is offering the best opportunity to trade safely and profitably. A sell on the YEN usually denotes positive market sentiment and this morning we have seen some mildly bullish moves in Globex on the NQ & ES indices, confirming this risk on sentiment. The USD/JPY is also ticking higher, giving us additional confidence.

Of course it will be the volume price analysis profile in our multiple time frames which will dictate the ultimate outcome of any trade.

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