euro30Eurodollar continues to frustrate traders, and it’s easy to see why. Since the failure to breach 1.1713 the pair has retreated back into the range of the VPOC (volume point of control) in the 1.1170 region where it continues to remain waterlogged.

With end of month and end of quarter position squaring we will have to wait to see whether eurodollar can finally break away from this region. From a technical perspective the heavy selling of 6 weeks ago is self evident with the extreme volume and deep upper wick to the candle telling their own story. Since then the pivots have helped to define the floor and ceiling of the congestion zone, and with volume now building on the VPOC histogram any move away is likely to be extreme and accompanied with strong participation.

The key level to any move to the downside is 1.1128 where strong support awaits.