Choosing which currency pairs can be a tricky decision, and one each forex trader has to make for themselves, and as this is a frequent question, it’s one we answer in this morning’s forex session. And always there is no right or wrong answer, only what suits you, and perhaps the key here is patience. If you have the patience to wait, then reducing the number of pairs to trade can be an excellent way to become an expert in one or two, perhaps also with a preferred tactic. However, this can create problems as boredom can often be an issue as other pairs are then sought out, and very quickly all the initial discipline has gone, and the trader is then taking trades in all pairs, as before. So it’s not easy.

Another question frequently asked is how to use the currency dashboard and the four trading indicators it contains, and here David walks through the three-step process, with the currency heatmap then providing the over-arching view.