USD/CAD - daily chart
USD/CAD – daily chart

Once GBP data is out of the way we can then look forward to the unemployment claims in the US and the Ivey PMI from Canada. Both items are released at the same time & here expect to see the biggest reaction in the USD/CAD. On the daily chart for the pair the resistance in the 1.2470 – 1.25 region (which also coincides with the VPOC), is putting a temporary brake on any move higher. On our daily currency strength indicator we do appear to have more downside for the CAD, particularly against the euro where we recently had a strong move away from the resistance in the 1.38 region.

As always the Canadian dollar will also reflect price trends for oil, and with OPEC now set on a collision course with the alternative energy suppliers in an overt price war, oil prices look set to remain low for years to come. Indeed OPEC themselves have publicly stated that oil will remain below $100 per barrel for the next decade as they flood the markets with supply to suppress the price of oil.