VPOC MT4 - USD/CAD 30 min chart
VPOC MT4 – USD/CAD 30 min chart

In a relatively quiet day of trading in the forex markets with both the UK and Japan closed for public holidays, it’s been the Canadian dollar which has moved significantly during the session, and picking up the longer term bearish tone once again. In early trading, the pair moved in a tight range, before finally breaking through the platform of support in the 1.2145 area and continuing lower to currently trade at 1.2095 at the time of writing. The price action has now continued lower with the volume point of control indicator (VPOC indicator MT4) remaining firmly in place above in the 1.2110 area on the 30 minute chart, and signalling further downside momentum in due course.

The trend monitor has remained firmly red throughout the trading session, and with the currency strength indicator to the left confirming further strength for the CAD and weakness for the USD, the volume point of control (VPOC) is likely to move to the next level soon in this timeframe.