csi1hrIn the current media speculation surrounding the impact of the PBOC decision to revalue/devalue the yuan, particularly on how this may (or may not) affect the FED’s decision about raising interest rates, it is easy to forget two things. First, the fundamental news releases which too will add their own layer of volatility, and second Greece, which today is back centre stage as the Greek parliament meets today in emergency session to ratify the latest bail out deal.

Today’s key releases are primarily in the US with retail sales, core retail sales and the unemployment claims due. And of these it is the retail sales numbers which the market will be focused on primarily because they may give some guidance as to the FED’s thinking about interest rates.

Meantime in this morning’s trading the USD has been broadly higher against all the major currencies except the British pound, but with the US session due to start shortly, Cable too may simply fall into line.

A quick look at our CSI (currency strength indicator) on the hourly timeframe reveals further strength in the USD (red line) which is also reflected in the 4 hour chart.