Another session for day trading the US indices where patience and more patience was required, but as always it’s volume spread analysis coupled with the Quantum Trading tools and indicators which helps to keep us safe and stop us from jumping in and then regretting this decision. The volatility indicator was once again much in evidence as indeed was the accumulation and distribution indicator for NinjaTrader, helping to define those key levels of price support and resistance which are so important.

The volume point of control was also much in evidence with the primary US indices of the ES, the YM, and the NQ all rotating around key levels as price agreement was reached in the faster timeframes. The tick charts too also confirmed this lack of interest and participation with the tickspeedometer indicator delivering very clear messages of danger ahead as the red warning signals flashed loud and clear. The messages were clear – wait and be patient. The trades will come, but cannot be forced and will always be confirmed with volume price analysis on any breakout or breakaway.