More great volume price analysis lessons this morning in the London forex session as we focused on the British pound, with further volatility expected as Brexit continues to exert its influence across the complex.

But we started with a look at the NZD/CAD on the daily timeframe which continues to remain firmly anchored to the top of the heatmap, as we wait for the pair to weaken and move away from this extreme position. As always, patience is required, and the approach here is the same, whether for the currency strength indicator or the currency heatmap when trading extremes. For the former it is the currencies themselves, and for the latter it is the currency pairs. In either case, patience is required along with wide stop loss positioning and then waiting for the move to develop.

From there we moved to the British pound and in particular a move on the GBP/JPY with several signals suggesting a reversal following the initial move higher, with volume, support and resistance, volatility and of course the currency strength indicator all helping to confirm the price action on the screen.