This morning’s session with Anna and David of Quantum Trading followed both the London and European open, with the Swiss franc the currency in focus and in particular for the Swiss yen. The timeframe here was the 30 minute with the longer term bullish trend picking up momentum once more with volume driving the pair higher, as shown on the annotated example. Throughout this phase of price action the trend monitor has helped to confirm the trend as the bearish trend weakened before picking up the bullish tone with a consequent rotation from bright red to bright blue.

More importantly, even though the trend paused, the trend monitor with the trend line continued to flag bullish sentiment and helping to keep traders in the trend. This is one of the hardest things to do in trading as the emotional response is to close out and take any profit off the table resulting in a small profit, rather than a larger one when the trend is re-established once more. This is where the trend monitor indicator for NinjaTrader and MT4/5 is so powerful.