The accumulation & distribution indicator combined with the volume point of control highlight perfectly what is likely to happen on the QQQ which is the ETF for the Nasdaq 100 and one of the most liquid instruments in the market with an average daily volume of over 75m so plenty of liquidity. However, given the price action looks to be congesting in the accumulation & distribution channel shown on the weekly chart it’s no surprise that volumes are about half the usual average. However, this is normal as volume always falls whenever a chart is in congestion/consolidation. The reason for this new phase of price action is in many ways not surprising given the recent volatility as the index (and markets take a breather) but we can expect volatility to pick up towards the end of the week with the CPI releases and next week, of course, we have the FOMC which is when the FED is expected to raise interest rates once again by half a percent.