An excellent trading session for US indices, commodities and stocks following the extreme moves of last week and at times such as this, volume price analysis becomes ever more powerful in helping to reveal the truth behind the price action. What was interesting here was the volume associated with the wide spread down candle which was the precursor to extreme volatility which followed and which is likely to continue for the next few days as markets calm after the storm. Whilst the volume associated with the candle was high, as we explained in the session, this appears to be an anomaly and certainly when compared to volume on the following day which was extreme, and highlighted this anomaly further. So what are we to make of this, and all was explained in the session as we focused on the YM emini daily chart along with other US indices.

And for intraday index traders, we picked up a great move in the YM emini late in the trading session which delivered a wonderful trend lower on the renko charts and highlighting the power of blending two charting techniques to help keep you in as the trend extends.