euro index todayWe now have a euro index for MT5 which can be invaluable when trading a pair such as eur/jpy which has been in an uptrend since yesterday. What’s interesting about this move higher on the hourly chart is how in one move we have at least three different types of sea states. The beginning of the move higher (as denoted by trend monitor turning blue) is characterized by a trend without volatility as the pair moves gently higher before the price action goes into congestion with trend dots turning grey. We then see two strong volatility candle as the result of the BOJ & on the faster time frames we would have seen plenty of whipsaws with many traders attempting to catch some pips. However, this injection of energy into the pair has resulted in a continuation of the trend, but this time with momentum as we wider spread up candles & a much steeper incline. Typically after many such moves the trend is now look a little ‘toppy’ with volumes falling away. We now need to wait for US market to open to see if we are indeed going to see a reversal in this pair.

And, of course, any move lower will be reflected in the euro index. You can discover more at