Using multiple timeframes is one of the keys to trading success and in this morning’s forex session we explain why, and using several of the GBP pairs.

The reasons are many. First, using this approach reveals how price action in one timeframe, can reveal so much in another. Overlaying two candles is easy, but doing this with several is hard and almost impossible to do quickly. The Quantum Trading indicators for MT5 and NinjaTrader then help, with different signals in different timeframes. One may be signaling a change in trend which is developing, or perhaps a volatility signal is triggered.

Finally, the price action itself reveals areas of support and resistance, of deep concentrations of volume which are not apparent on the timeframe of choice. All of these then provide the pieces of the jigsaw, which answer the simple question ‘where is the market heading next?’ And all underpinned of course by volume price analysis, which again offers powerful insights when applied in multiple timeframes.