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The Complete Stock Trading & Investing Program is one I have wanted to create for many years, and now finally I have found the time to create it, and based on my twenty years experience, both as an investor and also a trader.

As you might expect from the name the program covers everything you need to know, and to a depth of understanding I believe you need in order to succeed, whether you are just starting out, or perhaps have some previous experience. The course is designed to cater for all levels of experience and every aspect of investing and trading, across a wide range of instruments and markets, using both technical and fundamental analysis. Because we are all different. Some prefer a more fundamental approach, while others lean towards a more technical style, and as you would expect, chart analysis is based on my foundation methodology which as I'm sure you know from my books on Amazon is volume price analysis.

Volume reveals the truth behind the price action, and whether you are an intraday trader day trading stocks, or a longer term investor searching out those stocks for the longer term, it is the starting point and foundation stone for all that follows.

The program is build around video based core modules which cover key concepts of stock trading and investing using stocks themselves along with indirect instruments such as options, cfds, futures and more. Other modules then take a deep dive into bonds, sector analysis and of course technical and relational analysis. Global indices and markets are also covered in an array of PDF downloads and the entire program will be supported by webinars with myself and David. These will start with a series of live webinars to walk through all the various concepts of the program and to introduce topics so that you are fully up to speed with everything in the program. We follow on with ongoing live webinars which will only be available to students on the program and added to the webinar library and so build over time into a vast resource for you to dip into at any time in the future.

As with the forex trading program, this will also include a full suite of tools and indicators to support the volume price methodology, and in addition I'm also excited to announce that this will also include several brand new volume based indicators which will not have been released prior to the launch of the program. These too will be included of course in the indicator packages for each platform.

So, I hope from this brief introduction you have a sense of what is covered. It has taken almost two years to put together, but I'm excited and thrilled to be bringing this to you soon, and over the coming weeks you will receive updates and a peek behind the curtain as we move ever closer to the launch date. So I hope to see you on the inside, and thanks once again for taking the time to register.

All best wishes and thanks again